Europe-wide Range

123Przeprowadzki provides services in the entire Europe. Our vehicles have already transported goods to the most distance places of the continent.

Modern Vehicle Fleet

We possess a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet guaranteeing safe and timely transport of your items. Our vehicles meet all exhaust gas emission standards.

Competitive Prices

We offer free valuation and the best quality service in very competitive prices. What is more you can pay us in PLN or in EUR. We also sell removal accessories, e.g. boxes.

International Relocations

Relocations abroad

123Przeprowadzki completes relocations abroad to all countries in Europe. Our offer includes a broad range of services for international relocations for companies and individual customers.

We are highly experienced in providing international relocation services which we have been offering since the start of our operations. We offer comprehensive relocation services covering loading and unloading of goods, and transport to the destination of your choice.

Our vehicle fleet includes eco-friendly cars of various capacities for small or large relocations which meet the requirements of pollution standards higher than those in force in Poland.

When you order our services you can be sure that we will ensure proper safety of the transported belongings. Each relocation task is completed using verified and insured vehicles meeting all requirements of international transport standards.

Removals within the whole Europe

International relocations
Moving abroad

Moving abroad

All international relocations completed by our company are planned and supervised by an individual coordinator who can be reached at any time during the relocation. The coordinator speaks English and German and will help you solve any problem occurring during moving.

We also provide a professional team of employees with large experience in international relocations. Depending on your expectations, we provide full relocation services, i.e. packing the entire flat equipment and furniture, securing furniture and household appliances, assembly/disassembly of furniture, loading, transport, unloading, unpacking also at the destination.

Resettlement Movables

We also specialise in resettlement of movables to Switzerland and Norway, i.e. countries which are not members of the EU.

Resettlement of movables is associated with the necessity of fulfilling additional formalities which we can assist with. We prepare all documents and complete all formalities related to customs duty and we complete the applicable customs clearance.

Moving to another country?

In our long-standing history we have relocated customers to the most distant places of the continent. Among the most popular destinations, we can specify the following:

Relocations to Germany,
Relocations to the UK,
Relocations to France,
Relocations to Sweden,
Relocations to the Netherlands,
Relocations to Spain.

Regardless of the place where you would like to move, 123Przeprowadzki will certainly be able to help.
Furthermore we also offer a storage service which can be very useful if your trip abroad is to last only for a specific period or in the case you need time for organising all the matters between your departure to the relocation place and the moment of the property being delivered there.

International relocations in European Union

Przeprowadzki na terenie Europy