Our experienced employees will ensure safety during relocation. The furniture will be secured and transported with due care as well as the rest of your belongings.


We offer competitive financial conditions. We work based on an hourly rate but we can also prepare a complete price estimate for the relocation.


We offer full and comprehensive services. Our employees will help you plan the relocation, secure the property and will place the furniture in the indicated area.

Private Relocations

Relocations of flats and houses

123Przeprowadzki offers comprehensive and professional removals of flats and houses. Our offer is closely adjusted to your individual needs and expectations. We complete relocations in buildings with or without elevators; in utility buildings and tenement houses.

We ensure highest level of removal services and competitive financial terms. Furthermore, we provide high level of security for the transported goods while the property is insured.

We offer:

  • Relocations in Poznan,
  • Relocations on the entire territory of Poland,
  • International relocations,

As well as:

  • Storage,
  • Company relocations.

For the time of the relocation we provide plastic containers for transport of small household appliances and plants. We also rent boxes which can be delivered a week in advance. Upon request, we also offer disassembly and re-assembly of furniture.

For those of our customers, who prefer to relocate on their own we offer:

  • Professional assistance of our employees e.g. only during loading, unloading, carrying a piano,
  • The possibility of ordering a relocation vehicle only with a driver.

Private Removals

House relocation

How to prepare for moving?

In order to reduce the relocation time and the related stress to a minimum, you have to prepare well for it.
Below, you can find a few useful guidelines:

  • Reserve a relocation team for a particular day and time, best if it’s as early as possible,
  • Ensure you have boxes and materials necessary for packing the relocation property,
  • A relocation is a good opportunity to put things in order and segregate unnecessary items,
  • If you know the time of your relocation, take a day off from work on this day,
  • Think about babysitting for your children for the time of moving. It would be best if children were not present during relocation – it will save time and spare the additional stress,
  • Inform the building manager about the planned relocation,
  • Remember to reserve a parking spot for our truck as close to the relocation place as possible,
  • Remember to report a change of address as well as about any other activities relating to changing the permanent residence address (post office, personal ID card, passport, car, cable TV, driving license, bank, work, telephone bill),
  • Prior to the relocation, try to port your landline telephone number,
  • Inform family and friends about change of address.