How to Plan a move?
The big day… It’s finally come! Just a few hours more and that’s it!

The satisfaction of our clients, quick and painless move – these are our priorities. To make this happen, we need to work together. :) Below is a list of things to remember if you want the move to go fluently and without undue stress.

At the loading location

Please make sure to reserve a parking spot for our truck. Ideally, it should be as near the entrance to you old place as possible.

  • Once the 123Przeprowadzki team has arrived, our team leader will discuss with you the plan and details of the move. This is the best time to share your personal ideas on the relocation plan.
  • Protect the floor and other items places in the apartment or house that you are leaving, and also in the new one. You can do that with cardboard, newspapers or pieces of sheet flooring.
  • Prepare a waste bin, especially if plenty of items are to be packed.
  • Read and note down the water, gas and electricity meters.
  • Remove the name tag from the entrance door.
  • Leave the place in order.
  • Together with the owner of the place, make a handover protocol.
  • Remember about the security deposit.
  • Before you give away the keys, check if there are any items left, whether the basement is empty, turn off the main electricity fuse and make sure the water and gas valves are closed.

At the unloading location

Reserve a parking space so that unloading is not hindered by anything.

  • Discuss with the movers where you want the furniture and carrying boxes placed.
  • Read and note down the water, gas and electricity meters.
  • If any damage occurs, promptly inform the moving team leader and make a written protocol.
  • Sign the protocol accepting the completion of the move.

After the move

It’s over! It’s now time for the best part of the job (though some claim it’s actually the least pleasant) – open the boxes, unpack your things and set everything up just the way you like it. :)

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If you feel we somehow failed to satisfy your needs and expectation, please let us know, so we can improve our services and clarify the potential problem.