How to plan my relocation?

Every relocation generates stress. You are concerned about changing your environment and about the process of moving itself. Will everything go as planned? Will anything get damaged? How to plan a relocation? These questions are often asked by our customers but the last question is key for a successful relocation.
Planning is a guarantee of success in many areas and it plays a similar role in all successful relocations. At 123Przeprowadzki we pay special attention to good organisation of work and we are happy to share our experience with you!

Planning a relocation

  • Below, you can find guidelines which will help you plan a relocation and limit any hazards to a minimum.
  • Reserve a relocation team for a particular day and time, best if it’s as early as possible,
  • Ensure you have boxes and materials necessary for packing relocation property,
  • A relocation is a good opportunity to put things in order and segregate unnecessary items,
  • If you know the time of your relocation, take a day off from work on this day,
  • Think about babysitting for the time of moving. It would be best if children were not present during relocation – it will save time and spare the additional stress,
  • Inform the building manager about the planned relocation,
  • Remember to reserve a parking spot for our truck as close to the relocation place as possible,
  • Remember to report a change of address as well as about any other activities relating to changing the permanent residence address (post office, personal ID card, passport, car, cable TV, driving license, bank, work, telephone bill),
  • Prior to the relocation, try to port your landline telephone number,
  • Inform family and friends about change of address.

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