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Relocations to infinity… and beyond!

How to plan a move?

How to Plan a move?
The big day… It’s finally come! Just a few hours more and that’s it!

The satisfaction of our clients, quick and painless move – these are our priorities. To make this happen, we need to work together. :) Below is a list of things to remember if you want the move to go fluently and without undue stress. Continue reading →

15 June 2015 -

A pleasant moving experience for kids

We have prepared a little surprise for all kids.

Join us and let’s colour moving theme doodles. With the moving theme colouring doodles, children may have an easier time adapting to the new situation.

To download and print a colouring doodle, simply click on it (PDF Reader required).

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15 June 2015 -

How to plan your relocation?

How to plan my relocation?

Every relocation generates stress. You are concerned about changing your environment and about the process of moving itself. Will everything go as planned? Will anything get damaged? How to plan a relocation? These questions are often asked by our customers but the last question is key for a successful relocation.
Planning is a guarantee of success in many areas and it plays a similar role in all successful relocations. At 123Przeprowadzki we pay special attention to good organisation of work and we are happy to share our experience with you!

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10 March 2015 -