We have prepared a little surprise for all kids.

Join us and let’s colour moving theme doodles. With the moving theme colouring doodles, children may have an easier time adapting to the new situation.

To download and print a colouring doodle, simply click on it (PDF Reader required).

Moving is a huge challenge for grown-ups. It’s not surprising that children may find it even harder to cope with. It will often make them anxious and stressed.

For all parents who would like to make the children familiar with moving and explain what’s behind it, we prepared some interesting books. The books will help kids get used to the completely new situation. The simple and easily understood content describes the stages of moving and encourage children to take up new tasks.

  • One of the books was published by Book House in the series “Nic strasznego” (Eng. Nothing to be scared about) and is titled “Przeprowadzka” (The Move).
  • A similar book is also published by Egmont Polska Sp. z o.o., in the Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and Friends series, titled “Przeprowadzka Tygrysa” (Eng. Tigger’s Moving).